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Cargo Van
Metris Cargo VanThe Metris Cargo Van offers a Best-in-Class turning diameter and a powerful, cost-efficient drivetrain. With advanced safety features and maximized cargo space, the Metris delivers efficiency along with a low total cost of ownership and Best-in-Class payload cargo capacity.  Available in 126" and 135" wheelbases.
Starting at $31,390*

Passenger Van
Metris Passenger VanThe Metris Passenger Van is just the right size to seat up to eight people comfortably and gives you the flexibility of three seating configurations.  Put your passengers first with innovative safety features and options such as electric sliding doors.
Starting at $35,580*

Metris Cargo VanWORKER Cargo Van
The Metris WORKER Cargo Van is all business. It's just the right size to get the job done, with three optional packages: Convenience, Utlity, and Mercedes PRO Connect.
Starting at $27,180*

Metris Cargo Van
WORKER Passenger Van
The Metris WORKER Passenger Van delivers comfort, safety,and reliability - all while coming in under budget.  Offers the flexibility of four easy optional packages to meet your specific expectations: Convenience, Appearance, Comfort, and Mercedes PRO Connect.
Starting at $31,350*

Excludes all options, taxes, title, registration, transportation charge and dealer prep fee. Options shown. Not all options are available in the U.S. For a full offering and pricing information, visit Mercedes-Benz of Syracuse.