You've researched it, you've test driven it, and now, you've decided the Mercedes-Benz Van is the work vehicle for your fleet. The Mercedes-Benz Van Fleet Program delivers the value that drives fleet selection decisions.

If the durability, efficiency and low cost of ownership of a single Mercedes-Benz Van can help drive your business forward, just imagine what a fleet can do for you. That can become a reality through the Mercedes-Benz Vans Fleet Program. Our Mercedes-Benz Fleet Team will examine your specific criteria, and offer the van with the ideal body style, interior configuration and load capacity to meet your commercial vehicle requirements.

To learn more, contact us and we will work with you to provide a solution that best suits your needs.

Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles 
Plus, Mercedes-Benz Van owners can achieve up to 90% fewer emissions than an equivalent gasoline-powered vehicle thanks to our Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) diesel-engine, making the Mercedes-Benz Van the first certified SULEV-diesel engine in the world.*

*Available for 4-cylinder only. Requires Option Code MH8.